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Andrew Thomas writes fiction and essays concerning philosophy and science. This is, perhaps, an unusual combination. His fictional pieces (short stories) are usually dark, but strike a positive note somewhere. In terms of non-fiction, he views science and God as mutually compatible.

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He holds a degree in Physics and Space Physics and began a career in spacecraft engineering but later moved into programming and telecommunications. He was among the first generation of children who learned to program as a child and was enthralled at the prospect of machine intelligence at a very young age. However, he regards much of what passes for “AI” in modern times as a nihilistic anathema. In more recent years, he has become motivated by the philosophical implications of science, the nature of nature, and the things in life which hold “value” and all that that means.

His literary works have been published by New English Review Press, The Light Paper and TCW (formerly The Conservative Woman).

On a technical note, he programs for both Linux and Windows using C++ and C#. He is the author of a popular development tool on Github.

Contact: editor@kuiper.zone

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Essays and short works of fiction.


Andy Thomas is an independent programmer, software author and writer in the north of England. I write fiction and about philosophy, science and God.