And just what exactly did Adam say or not say to God anyway?
An eerie take on how devices with sinister intent are spoiling life.

November 2022

Just what exactly does "awake" stand for anyway?

September 2022

The word “PC” once stood for “personal computer”. Modern computing devices, however, threaten us with tyranny in which every aspect of human existence…

August 2022

When Lockdown was first announced, I was terrified because I understood what it would mean.
AI is not about "intelligence", artificial or otherwise. It is merely the automation and leveraging of information.

July 2022

During Lockdown, two renegade programmers reminisce over how things were better in the time of 8-bit computers. Amazingly, they actually discover a way…

June 2022

What would it mean to meet an alien civilisation much older and wiser than ourselves? A review of James P Hogan's classic science fiction novel, and…

May 2022

In a post-reset future, Josh discovers a girl who went into Lockdown and never came out.
How can we really believe in God for reasons of necessity when, according to our modern thinking, such a thing is unlikely to exist in a cold mechanical…
In the English Lake District, two young men of the post-lockdown era stumble on something that should not exist.

April 2022

The worst thing is to be powerless as things happen or, more poignantly, as things are done to us.